Song Spotlight – Baroness – “Shock Me”

As you can tell from my last Dio post, I’ve been getting back into metal lately. Blame it on the grey clouds! Anyways, I’m really loving/digging this song by Baroness, Shock Me.

It’s just honestly a beautifully written song that incorporates something I think everyone can love.  Guitars, Drums, great melodies, and an amazing catchy chorus.

I’m not gonna act like I’ve been into this band for a long time, honestly this is the first song I’ve really gotten into, but ever since hearing it I’ve had it on repeat. Anyways, here’s a video for your listening pleasure, enjoy!


Straight Through the Heart – DIO

What can I say, I’ve been absent from this long and for all my loyal readers out there, I apologize! I know life just hasn’t been the same, but I forgive myself so you should too.  I’ve honestly been listening to nothing but Dio nonstop, all day, every day.

If you think I’m lying you would be wrong.  I listen to Dio on the way to work, I listen to Dio at work, I listen to Dio on my hour long drive home, and finally I listen to Dio in the shower.

Why am I obsessed with Dio you may ask?! Great question.  I honestly can’t tell you. To be completely upfront with you it started out as a joke, I thought the “operatic” tone of all the songs was hilarious, especially the song “Don’t Talk to Strangers”.

That quickly evolved into me falling love with all of his songs.  My current favorite is Straight Through the Heart so I’m posting that here for you all to fall in love with as well.  For maximum effect I recommend lip syncing along in the shower, and really getting hand gestures involved (clutching your fists, fist pumps, etc).




Forever Alone – Kakkmaddafakka

I heard this song a bit ago and loved it but it didn’t really jump out to me immediately…the kind of jumping out where I listen to it over and over back to back.  Thats really he only qualifier to become a song spotlight by the way.

Anyways it came on earlier today and since then I’ve played it at least 8 times.  That doesn’t count how much I’ve sung it in my head.  I think the lyrics are amazing, and the guitars are just so catchy.  I don’t know how to place it other than I can see myself in the 80’s/maybe 90s in a Napoleon Dynamite setting doing some sweet disco moves.

Anyways, highly suggest as always you check it out!

Song Spotlight: K-OS – “The Dog is Mine”

Just heard this one the other day and loved the simpleness.  I found myself singing this one over and over.  Plus there’s a cool “police-y” breakdown in the middle that I really liked…especially the part where he says “don’t stand so next to me”.

Anyways, never heard of K-OS before but I’ve been jamming his stuff ever since I heard this song. I would highly recommend you take some time and give this one a listen.  Pretty darn good Canadian music my friends, dontcha know!


Pets – Porno for Pyros

So here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head consistently for a while now.  I somehow had never heard it before and my friend, Cody, who’s old… I mean real old…and when I say real old I mean realllllly old.  You know, he had the nerve to make fun of me for never hearing it before.  So yea, this is your daily dose of 90’s music. Check it out and love it.


Taking the Farm – The War on Drugs

I haven’t been so excited to have heard a song in so long.  It’s midnight and I have to work tomorrow so I can’t ramble on and on about this one, but I just have to say I connect to this song in so many ways that I can’t even relate to you in words.

“You can feel it in the ozone, You can feel it in the knees, You can feel it in the dirt that’s going under your feet”

So simple, and something about the ambient music mixed with the persistent drum beat make this song something to hear at least once. It’s going to be one of my favorites and highly suggest you check it out if you have the time.

Link below:

Cage the Elephant – Unpeeled

Just a quick post here.  I’ve been really digging this album lately and I just feel I gotta do my best to get the word out. I’ve been a big fan of Cage the Elephant, and maybe I’m biased, they’re from my neck of the woods anyways.

This latest album is a collection of their songs as well as a few covers. I guess the point of it was to do all the songs with acoustic instruments. It really gives the songs a cool, almost Beatles-y sound.  Definitely that 60’s psych vibe.

In any case, I’ll post the Spotify link below and you can give it a listen:


Song Spotlight: Weekend by Smith Westerns

This particular song had me hooked for months back in the summer of 2016. Love the pure happiness of the guitar lick in the beginning.  A nice steady drum beat and airy vocals.  Pretty much a perfect summer driving song.

It’s a real bummer these guys aren’t a band anymore.  This is my favorite of their tunes but the whole album “Dye it Blonde” is good. I liked his approach to singing these songs.  Way laid back and airy, kinda makes the focus on the music and instrumentation more.

Super Specific Song Placement:  This song definitely places me in the passenger side of an old red 65′ mustang convertible driving through the super dry parts of central California where its pretty much just all dead grass.  I would imagine I would be on my way to a party.

That’s definitely what I’m thinking. Anyways, give the song a listen! Let me know what you think.

Song Spotlight: Chancellor by Gordon Downie

So I want to start doing a song spotlight consistently.  I figure one of the most useful aspects of me starting this blog up is being able to share songs I love with the rest of you.  Pretty cool huh?!

This first one is pretty far out of my normal listening habits.  I stumbled upon it through Spotify and was instantly enthralled.  Nothing complicated, a simple chord progression and beautiful piano on the top.

Another highlight for me is the way he sings the song.  Wouldn’t be my go to if I were to try to sing over top of the melody. He rushes parts and drags other parts out, but it works out perfectly.  An overall beautiful song.  Gordon’s lyrics really hit home for some reason and when I listen back I have no clue what he’s talking about.

Super Specific Song Placement: I guess if I had to pinpoint how this song makes me feel I’d say it just has a nice chill longing to it. I can picture myself sitting on a gloomy beach alone, it’s exactly 58 degrees outside, and a small fire’s going.  Not feeling depressed, but feeling thankful for the little I have.

Anyways, hope you dig it as much as I do.  Here’s a link.  Let me know what you think! Where do you picture yourself listening to it?