Straight Through the Heart – DIO

What can I say, I’ve been absent from this long and for all my loyal readers out there, I apologize! I know life just hasn’t been the same, but I forgive myself so you should too.  I’ve honestly been listening to nothing but Dio nonstop, all day, every day.

If you think I’m lying you would be wrong.  I listen to Dio on the way to work, I listen to Dio at work, I listen to Dio on my hour long drive home, and finally I listen to Dio in the shower.

Why am I obsessed with Dio you may ask?! Great question.  I honestly can’t tell you. To be completely upfront with you it started out as a joke, I thought the “operatic” tone of all the songs was hilarious, especially the song “Don’t Talk to Strangers”.

That quickly evolved into me falling love with all of his songs.  My current favorite is Straight Through the Heart so I’m posting that here for you all to fall in love with as well.  For maximum effect I recommend lip syncing along in the shower, and really getting hand gestures involved (clutching your fists, fist pumps, etc).




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