Fleet Foxes – September 14, 2017 – Paramount, Seattle

Way back in the golden days of my youth when I was working as a production assistant in Hollywood, I first heard Fleet Foxes and fell in love with them.  I knew and loved every song off their first album.  At the time I was broke and honestly, although I loved playing music, I wasn’t much of a show goer so I never really made it out of my way to see them live, they’d always kind of been a “on the speakers” band, not a live thing.

In September I got my chance to see them at the Paramount and I was super excited.  I felt it would be the perfect time to hear their harmonies and instrumentation and was excited to zone out to their medieval-esque music.

I’ll go ahead and summarize the show because honestly, it’s been a couple months, and even more importantly, it just wasn’t that exciting of a show.  I got to hear some favorites. White Winter Hymnal he said was about Enumclaw which I thought was crazy.  Enumclaw is a little offshoot town kind of nestled in the mountains and hills outside of Seattle. It’s also famous for the worst reason ever but I’ll let you do the research on that one.

Other than that I got to hear some other favorites off the first album, namely Mykonos and Ragged Wood, which were by and large highlights for me.  I will say though, and I didn’t predict this, but I got bored. Everything blurred together and sounded the same.  There was no diversity, it was like going to a bar full of people who don’t drink, or eating the same meal for 2 weeks straight. It just got old.

That being said the sound was good, and the harmonies were great, it just wasn’t my thing.  Was it worth the money? Yea I suppose.  But I dunno, I can’t help but think there’s some great potential for an amazing live show and I just don’t feel theres anything there to warrant it being one of the memorable shows of 2017.

Here’s a video of one o my favorite songs by them, Ragged Wood.

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