Young the Giant with Cold War Kids – Wamu Theater – August 11, 2017

Wow, I’m so behind on updating this website it’s embarrassing. Especially once you consider the money I poured into starting this up.  I reallllly need to get better at this.  Too bad with each blog post I’m not rewarded with a Montucky Cold Snack, or concert tickets…. Then I would be writing all the time!

Anyways, this is the second concert me and Alyssa went too.  I actually wasn’t looking too forward to it. I mean I like one song from Cold War Kids and like 2 songs from Young the Giant, but I hit the concert scene HARD this year and I just….it just took a lot of effort to get the energy together to go out to this one.

We showed up like 30 minutes past doors and had already missed the opener…who I believe was Joywave.  I wasn’t too worried about missing them.  And it was only like 7:30 sooo super early anyways.

The concert was at Wamu theater which is right next to the Century Link Ampitheater in Seattle.  It’s where the Seahawks play, duh.  Anyways, this building is absolutely humongous.  It just…dwarfs everything.  The whole concert took up a small portion of the whole building.  Me and Alyssa headed to the beer garden area and paid like 10 bucks a pop for those crappy aluminum bottles of bud light.  After the wait and everything Cold War Kids hit the stage, ohhh yea.

For their portion we just watched from the beer garden but it was really good.  I didn’t realize the front guy was so talented as far as singing and just all around musicianship. Probably my favorite part of the show was when he’d hop on the piano and tear it up.  They played the song I knew “Hang Me out to Dry” as well as their obvious radio hit “First”.   It was a good time.  I mean, nothing blew me out of the water but I enjoyed it.

After their set we went back and grabbed another beer.  Chugged that down and Alyssa talked me into moving my lazy ass up towards the stage for Young the Giant. So glad I’m did!

Young the Giant blew me out of the water more-so than any band in my recent memory. By blew me out of the water I specifically mean going into a concert with my hopes low and immediately being completely astounded at the talent.  Right from the get go I was just amazed at how good Sameer Gadhia’s voice is.  Absolutely insane.

Their stage presence was literally the best I’ve seen.  All members worked the stage like a 5,000 dollar stripper. I mean they were all over the place.  They all had cool Beatles-esque outfits on and cool props littering the stage that included a sunflower on the guitar and some hippyish scenery. The background was some amazing hypnotic video effects that matched up to the mood of the music.

The music was just upbeat and made me an instant fan. I had went in only knowing a couple songs such as “My Body” and “Cough Syrup”. I left becoming a fan of their whole new album.  My favorite part of the show was after all the upbeat-ness, they slowed it down and came forward to the front of the stage to play few songs acoustic-y and coffee shop-y.  It was really neat and truly made for an experience. it was much more than just hearing the songs you know, it made you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Anyways, I’m rarely this surprised and I would highly recommend catching them if they come through your town. I have a feeling that they are going to blow up to astronomical levels in the next couple of years.  Lets hope they don’t get bored and lets hope their shows continue to be as exciting!



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