Eagles of Death Metal w/ The Melvins – July 13th – Showbox

This was another Cody and Jake must see show of 2017.  We had looked forward to this one for a long time as we both have never seen the Melvins and we both have man crushes on Eagles of Death metal. We also suckered my roommate Shay into going. He didn’t have a ticket but with Jake’s shiesty shenanigans we knew we could get him one.

We headed down early to grab some brewskis at pike place brewery and then the scalawag Jake made his way to the streets to give whatever he had to give to get a ticket to the show for Shay.  After 6’5″ Jake told a 5’6″ scalper “Do you want your kids to eat tonight?!” He was able to secure a ticket for a little more than face value.

We made our way in and Melvins came on pretty soon afterwards.  I’m not a huge fan of the Melvins and honestly am not familiar with many of their tunes.  It’s definitely way different and super technical, and that’s what made it fun for me.

King Buzzo, the singer of course, was a blast to watch. He’s got crazy sideshow bob hair and with the light bouncing off it, it was simply crazy to watch.  Add that to the crazy electric guitar and insane stops and starts of the rhythm and it was hard to look away.  They definitely know how to put on a show.

On a separate note, I’ve always admired the Melvins for never trying to fit a mold and always making the music they want to make.  When asked how they’ve remained a band for so long (30+ years), King Buzzo told the interviewer “Never write a hit song”. Pretty awesome…and legit as hell.

To cap their act off, I can definitely tell you with a couple play throughs of these songs you are bound to love them. Well…that is if you have my exact same music taste. My personal favorite is Honey Bucket so if you’re wanting to give them a listen, and you love hard rock, start off with this one!

After the Melvins it was time for EODM. This is my 3rd time seeing Eagles of Death Metal and the second time I’ve seen them in 2017 (1st time this year was before I started this blog…and was with Mastodon).

I’ve just gotta say that most people unfortunately know them because of the terrible Paris tragedy.  This is a band that’s overcame that and gone to do the damn thing. Jesse Hughes, who goes by Boots Electric, is one hell of a front man.  He just goes out there and doesn’t give a single fuck.  This particular show he came out rocking a cape and to the song Magic by Pilot.

After that it was straight forward rock and roll.  Me and Jake were chilling back at the bar slamming beers and dancing up a storm. Basically, really putting off the vibes that we’re laid back fun dudes who love to have a good time. And obviously scaring off most who don’t know how to handle that.

Once we were real lubed up and fully into it we made our way to the front strategically…by jumping and bumping our way into the middle to form our very own mosh pit.  You know, at 28 years old, you really can tell how out of shape you are by how out of breath you get in a mosh pit.  I didn’t know if I was gonna die or orgasm, but I’d say by the end of it, it was a little bit of both.

I wish I could recall the exact setlist, but I can say I knew every single song they played with the set spanning all 4 albums.  I’d say my favorite song I heard was “Wannabe in LA”. Afterwards I left and met up with some people at the Chieftain in Capitol Hill to continue my night.  It was one for the record books.

Simply, the funnest show I’ve been to in a long time and the most fun I’ve had in 2017…so far.

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