Tool at the Gorge – June 17th

The anticipation for this show, for me personally, was unbelievable.  I had one of my best friends fly all the way in from New Jersey and on top of that I got a camping spot.  Tool is literally his favorite band and while not one of my top 10 favorite bands, they’re definitely top 100.  With how rare it is that they go on tour, I bought these tickets right when they went on sale.  I’m unfortunately unable to make his bachelor party so I figured buying tickets to this would halfway make up for it. We went up a day early, secured a spot, and let the pregaming begin.

Honestly, going to the Gorge is a must for any big music lover.  It’s consistently ranked one of the best music venues in the whole country and it’s honestly hard to take in as “real” when you first top the hill and look out at the canyon. The only venue in all of America I think can compare is Red Rocks in Colorado (which I WILL go to one day, its a bucket list thing).

Anyways back to the show, the vibes were great and everyone was thirsty.  We walked up the trail, probably about 2 miles maybe more, and were finally ready to witness Tool by 8pm.

The band that opened was called Crystal Method and it may have been one of my least favorite shows of all time.  It sounded like filler music, or music played when a bar is trying to get you to leave. I literally can’t think of anything good about the show other than it was a good excuse to go to the vendors and buy super expensive food and drinks.

After that mess, Tool finally took the stage.  In perfect Maynard form, he stood at the back of the stage.  We didn’t have the greatest seats in the house but they weren’t terrible.  we were to the right of the stage but the sound was phenomenal.  Maynard sounded so good that one of my drunk friends asked if it was a recording.

I was absolutely captivated by the lights, the back drop, and the visuals.  Seeing tool live is definitely a work of art.  I truly believe thats why he stands at the back of the stage.  To make the experience about the music and not about persona’s or the people making the music.

Here’s the Setlist:

The Grudge
Third Eye

If you’re a fan of rock music and If you get the opportunity, I strongly suggest you go out of your way to see them live. Truly a one of a kind act and an experience that will last the rest of your lifetime.  Here’s my favorite song by them:


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