My Goodness at The Crocodile – Seattle – 6/9/2017

This show was an awesome surprise. Earlier in 2017 I was going to so many shows, and lately I haven’t been to as many. This is largely in part due to me being broke which is largely in part due to me being an idiot with my money.    Anywhooo….Thursday night my buddy gave me the heads up on this show and I knew I couldn’t miss it. I love My Goodness, and I’d heard good things about the openers Smokey Brights so I bought a ticket.

The show began as all good shows do, plenty of pregaming (5 brewskie’s) and plenty of good friends (4 dudebuddies).  I unfortunately missed most of the set of the first band Year of Death because I was getting carried away drinking and carousing around out in the sidebar. I caught the last half of the last song and it sounded like goth synth-y 80’s music.  Like, the kind of vibe where you dress up in leather and swing glow sticks around. Or like the music you’d listen to if you were in the movie the Matrix. Or like if you had a dance party out in a graveyard. Thats the only portion I heard so I really can’t give a fair opinion. I was trying to look up some tunes of theirs to share but couldn’t find anything. So it goes….

After a smoke break and a beer Smokey Brights hit the stage.  I was blown away quite honestly. I’m a sucker for guitar and going into this show I just assumed this band was mainly keyboard driven. I was definitely wrong, they rocked out. The guitarist shredded on a few of the songs.  In addition to that all the members were talented and had something to add to each song.  Stage presence was really good and the production of the music was fantastic.  I really couldn’t help but nod my head and do my dad dance to most of the songs. They are definitely a professional band and have their shit together. I’ve been listening to their music even after the show so thats how you know its good.  You should check em out.

After another smoke break and another beer or two, My Goodness hit the stage. At this point I was felling REALLY good.  I had attempted to see them twice before but never made it all the way to actually see them.  Anyways, as expected they killed it plain and simple.  Production was off the charts and stage presence was great.  Everyone was rocking out and getting the crowd into it. I was excited to hear a few of the songs I really wanted to hear.  Elevators and Sweet Tooth being the ones I was most excited about.  It was great hearing all of the new ones too.  I wish there was a video of the killer dance moves I was breaking out at this point…or at least a video of peoples reactions to the drunk guy rocking out in front of them.

After their set, the crowd thinned out pretty quickly.  I was corralled into and uber and woke up in my own bed so I’d consider it a VERY successful night out.  Here’s some links to their songs on Spotify.  Pretty sure you’re gonna dig em!

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