Song Spotlight: Weekend by Smith Westerns

This particular song had me hooked for months back in the summer of 2016. Love the pure happiness of the guitar lick in the beginning.  A nice steady drum beat and airy vocals.  Pretty much a perfect summer driving song.

It’s a real bummer these guys aren’t a band anymore.  This is my favorite of their tunes but the whole album “Dye it Blonde” is good. I liked his approach to singing these songs.  Way laid back and airy, kinda makes the focus on the music and instrumentation more.

Super Specific Song Placement:  This song definitely places me in the passenger side of an old red 65′ mustang convertible driving through the super dry parts of central California where its pretty much just all dead grass.  I would imagine I would be on my way to a party.

That’s definitely what I’m thinking. Anyways, give the song a listen! Let me know what you think.

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