Song Spotlight: Chancellor by Gordon Downie

So I want to start doing a song spotlight consistently.  I figure one of the most useful aspects of me starting this blog up is being able to share songs I love with the rest of you.  Pretty cool huh?!

This first one is pretty far out of my normal listening habits.  I stumbled upon it through Spotify and was instantly enthralled.  Nothing complicated, a simple chord progression and beautiful piano on the top.

Another highlight for me is the way he sings the song.  Wouldn’t be my go to if I were to try to sing over top of the melody. He rushes parts and drags other parts out, but it works out perfectly.  An overall beautiful song.  Gordon’s lyrics really hit home for some reason and when I listen back I have no clue what he’s talking about.

Super Specific Song Placement: I guess if I had to pinpoint how this song makes me feel I’d say it just has a nice chill longing to it. I can picture myself sitting on a gloomy beach alone, it’s exactly 58 degrees outside, and a small fire’s going.  Not feeling depressed, but feeling thankful for the little I have.

Anyways, hope you dig it as much as I do.  Here’s a link.  Let me know what you think! Where do you picture yourself listening to it?


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