Rest In Peace – Chris Cornell

I and many other were devastated to find out the news today that Chris Cornell passed away.  My soul hurts to even comprehend that one of my favorite artists and lyricists took his own life.

We could go on making assumptions as to why he did it, or for the conspiracy theorists we could go on for hours about possible situations as to how he died. The fact remains at the end of the day that the world lost an incredible talent and, I like to think, a genuinely “true” artist.

He wrote in a deep and heartfelt way that you just don’t hear much anymore.  Turn on the radio and most songs are boiled down to a repeatable braindead chorus and soulless verses.

Chris wrote lyrics like the following:

Summer nights and long warm days
Are stolen as the old moon falls
My mirror shows another face
Another place to hide it all
Another place to hide it all
And I’m lost, behind
The words I’ll never find
And I’m left behind
As seasons roll on by

I mean…this is what we lost today.  We lost a “Picasso” of the music world.  He was unreal at the lyrical level, vocally he was best of the best, and to top it off he was a once in a lifetime songwriter crafting hit after hit.  He put Seattle on the map and he did so much for so many musicians and music fans out there that got through life on words and songs that he wrote.  He literally helped to  inspire, shape, and in many ways, define a generation.

Now as I sit here and listen to his music I can hear in the lyrics that the writing was on the wall this whole time.  Maybe thats why his vocals and his singing ability are unmatched.  He poured every ounce of his pain and his feeling out there for the world to enjoy and he was suffering the entire time.

I think we can all agree the world is worse off without Chris in it.

I only wish he knew what the rest of the world now knows.

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