Song Spotlight – Baroness – “Shock Me”

As you can tell from my last Dio post, I’ve been getting back into metal lately. Blame it on the grey clouds! Anyways, I’m really loving/digging this song by Baroness, Shock Me.

It’s just honestly a beautifully written song that incorporates something I think everyone can love.  Guitars, Drums, great melodies, and an amazing catchy chorus.

I’m not gonna act like I’ve been into this band for a long time, honestly this is the first song I’ve really gotten into, but ever since hearing it I’ve had it on repeat. Anyways, here’s a video for your listening pleasure, enjoy!


Fleet Foxes – September 14, 2017 – Paramount, Seattle

Way back in the golden days of my youth when I was working as a production assistant in Hollywood, I first heard Fleet Foxes and fell in love with them.  I knew and loved every song off their first album.  At the time I was broke and honestly, although I loved playing music, I wasn’t much of a show goer so I never really made it out of my way to see them live, they’d always kind of been a “on the speakers” band, not a live thing.

In September I got my chance to see them at the Paramount and I was super excited.  I felt it would be the perfect time to hear their harmonies and instrumentation and was excited to zone out to their medieval-esque music.

I’ll go ahead and summarize the show because honestly, it’s been a couple months, and even more importantly, it just wasn’t that exciting of a show.  I got to hear some favorites. White Winter Hymnal he said was about Enumclaw which I thought was crazy.  Enumclaw is a little offshoot town kind of nestled in the mountains and hills outside of Seattle. It’s also famous for the worst reason ever but I’ll let you do the research on that one.

Other than that I got to hear some other favorites off the first album, namely Mykonos and Ragged Wood, which were by and large highlights for me.  I will say though, and I didn’t predict this, but I got bored. Everything blurred together and sounded the same.  There was no diversity, it was like going to a bar full of people who don’t drink, or eating the same meal for 2 weeks straight. It just got old.

That being said the sound was good, and the harmonies were great, it just wasn’t my thing.  Was it worth the money? Yea I suppose.  But I dunno, I can’t help but think there’s some great potential for an amazing live show and I just don’t feel theres anything there to warrant it being one of the memorable shows of 2017.

Here’s a video of one o my favorite songs by them, Ragged Wood.

Straight Through the Heart – DIO

What can I say, I’ve been absent from this long and for all my loyal readers out there, I apologize! I know life just hasn’t been the same, but I forgive myself so you should too.  I’ve honestly been listening to nothing but Dio nonstop, all day, every day.

If you think I’m lying you would be wrong.  I listen to Dio on the way to work, I listen to Dio at work, I listen to Dio on my hour long drive home, and finally I listen to Dio in the shower.

Why am I obsessed with Dio you may ask?! Great question.  I honestly can’t tell you. To be completely upfront with you it started out as a joke, I thought the “operatic” tone of all the songs was hilarious, especially the song “Don’t Talk to Strangers”.

That quickly evolved into me falling love with all of his songs.  My current favorite is Straight Through the Heart so I’m posting that here for you all to fall in love with as well.  For maximum effect I recommend lip syncing along in the shower, and really getting hand gestures involved (clutching your fists, fist pumps, etc).




Forever Alone – Kakkmaddafakka

I heard this song a bit ago and loved it but it didn’t really jump out to me immediately…the kind of jumping out where I listen to it over and over back to back.  Thats really he only qualifier to become a song spotlight by the way.

Anyways it came on earlier today and since then I’ve played it at least 8 times.  That doesn’t count how much I’ve sung it in my head.  I think the lyrics are amazing, and the guitars are just so catchy.  I don’t know how to place it other than I can see myself in the 80’s/maybe 90s in a Napoleon Dynamite setting doing some sweet disco moves.

Anyways, highly suggest as always you check it out!

Kings of Leon at the Gorge – August 26th, 2017

Kings of Leon is my favorite band period.  Yeah, yeah give me flak for it because they “sold out” or because of their bro-jams “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody”, I don’t care.  I’m sticking to the fact that Aha Shake Heartbreak is my favorite album.  Youth and Young Manhood is a close second.  Those two albums sum up great rock and roll to me. A good mix of everything and honestly what I try to shoot for in my own music.

Anywho, back to the show. You can imagine how excited I was to hear about it. I bought tickets immediately months and months before hand as well as a camping spot.  If I had to I would have made the 2 hour trip alone to see them, but luckily I didn’t have to. Had an amazing group of people come with which made the experience that much more of a good time.

The first night only Jake came up with me and we quickly made friends with our neighbors. We spent the night drinking and called it kind of early, went on to sleep to wake up to the blistering heat that is the gorge.  Not going to bore you too much longer with what we did the next day.  Same ole same ole, lots of drinking, and playing ladder ball.  This time I made sure to wear plenty of sunscreen so no lobster skin for me.

Finally, on to the point of this whole post, we made it to the show.  I was feeling very good to say the least and this time we were able to make it to some good seats towards the middle of the stage.  Granted we were in the grass, but it was still better than being towards the side of the stage.

The strangest part of this show was how they started of the entire thing with their song “conversation piece”.  While I do love all of their songs, this is definitely one of my least favorite.  It has such a slow pace, and its very simple. I will admit it gave the start to the show a relaxed feel though, kind of a calm before the storm feel.

After the slow start, the show turned into the best one I’ve seen there.  I know every song by heart so naturally I was into everything they played.  It helped being there too with friends who loved all the tunes.  The drinks kept coming and we kept dancing. I feel bad for people who had to look at my bodacious dance moves, but hey theme the breaks.

To sum up their show for someone who hasn’t seen them I do think it’s worth it.  There’s not much to their stage antics, but their instrumentation and vocals are flawless.  They’re hugely successful now so they have amazing lights and video.  As for improv, there wasn’t much (nor was there much last time) but there were slight variations to solos that I appreciated.

I was also worried going into this that it would be mostly new material. that wasn’t the case they played a handful of songs from every album which was great.  Honestly pretty much a timeline of my life in music which I think is why this concert meant so much to me.  I can only hope I get to see them come through again soon.

Normally I post a Spotify song or youtube video to one of the “official” songs but in this case I’m going to post a live video taken at the gorge.  On this video in particular they’re playing on of my favorites “Fans”.



Song Spotlight: K-OS – “The Dog is Mine”

Just heard this one the other day and loved the simpleness.  I found myself singing this one over and over.  Plus there’s a cool “police-y” breakdown in the middle that I really liked…especially the part where he says “don’t stand so next to me”.

Anyways, never heard of K-OS before but I’ve been jamming his stuff ever since I heard this song. I would highly recommend you take some time and give this one a listen.  Pretty darn good Canadian music my friends, dontcha know!


Pets – Porno for Pyros

So here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head consistently for a while now.  I somehow had never heard it before and my friend, Cody, who’s old… I mean real old…and when I say real old I mean realllllly old.  You know, he had the nerve to make fun of me for never hearing it before.  So yea, this is your daily dose of 90’s music. Check it out and love it.


Tom Petty – Safeco Field – August 19th, 2017

I had postponed writing this for so long because I really just didn’t know how to reflect to myself and especially to other people about the concert.  This was my second time seeing Tom Petty and it may or may not be as good as the first time I’d seen him.  He played almost all his hits this time whereas previously he played a lot of new ones off his Hypnotic Eye album. The previous time was at the Gorge as well which was amazing in itself.  However, I think seeing any Tom Petty concert is just a Next Level experience thats hard to explain.  I hate to use some hippy rhetoric, but the “vibes” are always “woke”.  Everyones so carefree and happy. It’s just an amazing experience that unfortunately I’ll never get to experience again.

I want to deal with his passing in another post so for this one I’m just going to focus on the show itself.

This is my first concert that I’ve seen at Safeco and I’ll be honest, once I was in my seat it was cool, but JESUS it was a nightmare getting inside.  Lines around the block.  And this was after I waited and waited since I had no interest in seeing the Lumineers.  I’ve heard since that the staff or the “venue” as it were has fixed the problem, and I hope so because the only downside to the whole show was getting in.

Once I was in my seat had a great view of Seattle and kinda looked down at Stage Left.  I’ll be honest I’m not sure I can even give this show review justice as I can’t really recall or put into words the songs I heard.  The songs were all the hits you’ve heard on the radio. Refugee, Runnin Down a Dream, Free Fallin, and an encore with American Girl. Lots of others as well. Yer so Bad is a personal favorite of mine so I was happy he played that.

After a few songs in my seat I made my way over to Alyssa’s side which looked down on stage right.  Tom was in such a good mood and seemed spry and happy.  He kept stage banter to a minimum for the most part and the songs were played with enthusiasm and lots of smiling by all the heartbreakers.  Everyone seemed happy to be there and this reverts back to the “good vibes” I was talking about earlier.

There was one part of the show where there was some audio issues on a song to where no one in the audience could hear anything.  Afterwards in typical tom petty fashion he just laughed it off and said they’ll be back in a few with his signature nasally voice.  No one seemed angry and the sound was fixed and the concert was going with minimal delay.

All in all it was great experience. I certainly wish I had drank a little bit less so I could seal the memories in my mind better.  As for now I’m left with a haze of the show and the good time I had. Such an awesome show, I only wish I had many more of his  concerts to see in my lifetime! RIP Tom Petty.

Here’s one of my favorites of Tom Petty’s I heard at the Gorge the first time I saw him:



Young the Giant with Cold War Kids – Wamu Theater – August 11, 2017

Wow, I’m so behind on updating this website it’s embarrassing. Especially once you consider the money I poured into starting this up.  I reallllly need to get better at this.  Too bad with each blog post I’m not rewarded with a Montucky Cold Snack, or concert tickets…. Then I would be writing all the time!

Anyways, this is the second concert me and Alyssa went too.  I actually wasn’t looking too forward to it. I mean I like one song from Cold War Kids and like 2 songs from Young the Giant, but I hit the concert scene HARD this year and I just….it just took a lot of effort to get the energy together to go out to this one.

We showed up like 30 minutes past doors and had already missed the opener…who I believe was Joywave.  I wasn’t too worried about missing them.  And it was only like 7:30 sooo super early anyways.

The concert was at Wamu theater which is right next to the Century Link Ampitheater in Seattle.  It’s where the Seahawks play, duh.  Anyways, this building is absolutely humongous.  It just…dwarfs everything.  The whole concert took up a small portion of the whole building.  Me and Alyssa headed to the beer garden area and paid like 10 bucks a pop for those crappy aluminum bottles of bud light.  After the wait and everything Cold War Kids hit the stage, ohhh yea.

For their portion we just watched from the beer garden but it was really good.  I didn’t realize the front guy was so talented as far as singing and just all around musicianship. Probably my favorite part of the show was when he’d hop on the piano and tear it up.  They played the song I knew “Hang Me out to Dry” as well as their obvious radio hit “First”.   It was a good time.  I mean, nothing blew me out of the water but I enjoyed it.

After their set we went back and grabbed another beer.  Chugged that down and Alyssa talked me into moving my lazy ass up towards the stage for Young the Giant. So glad I’m did!

Young the Giant blew me out of the water more-so than any band in my recent memory. By blew me out of the water I specifically mean going into a concert with my hopes low and immediately being completely astounded at the talent.  Right from the get go I was just amazed at how good Sameer Gadhia’s voice is.  Absolutely insane.

Their stage presence was literally the best I’ve seen.  All members worked the stage like a 5,000 dollar stripper. I mean they were all over the place.  They all had cool Beatles-esque outfits on and cool props littering the stage that included a sunflower on the guitar and some hippyish scenery. The background was some amazing hypnotic video effects that matched up to the mood of the music.

The music was just upbeat and made me an instant fan. I had went in only knowing a couple songs such as “My Body” and “Cough Syrup”. I left becoming a fan of their whole new album.  My favorite part of the show was after all the upbeat-ness, they slowed it down and came forward to the front of the stage to play few songs acoustic-y and coffee shop-y.  It was really neat and truly made for an experience. it was much more than just hearing the songs you know, it made you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Anyways, I’m rarely this surprised and I would highly recommend catching them if they come through your town. I have a feeling that they are going to blow up to astronomical levels in the next couple of years.  Lets hope they don’t get bored and lets hope their shows continue to be as exciting!



Taking the Farm – The War on Drugs

I haven’t been so excited to have heard a song in so long.  It’s midnight and I have to work tomorrow so I can’t ramble on and on about this one, but I just have to say I connect to this song in so many ways that I can’t even relate to you in words.

“You can feel it in the ozone, You can feel it in the knees, You can feel it in the dirt that’s going under your feet”

So simple, and something about the ambient music mixed with the persistent drum beat make this song something to hear at least once. It’s going to be one of my favorites and highly suggest you check it out if you have the time.

Link below: